domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Facts and explanations about Snetteton Britcar tyre controversy

 Due to many people asking what did happened at the Snetterton race 1 2014 of the Britcar Endurance Championship and some people, not understanding what the problem was, I am putting together the information so there is no misunderstanding and all people involved have all the information.



  • The car that won the race one at Snetteron was using Pirelli tyres
  • The Pirelli Tyres are faster in 90 minutes tan Dunlop
  • Dunlop did not bring the tyres at time for the qualy for this car, but did have tyres for the race.
  • The car using Pirelli is leading the championship.
  • The rule words like this:

5.13 TYRES
5.13.1 It is a requirement that all cars in the Championship 2014 must race on Dunlop tyres. For size, fitment and availability requirements please contact HP Tyres directly on 01327 301887 or

A car which is planning to do only one race in a season will receive points and may use alternative tyres to Dunlop, but the team requires written permission from the Organizer.

What happened:

We as Neil Garner Motorsport and Drivers decided to protest the race for some reasons
  • We felt that Britcar should have told all the competitors what the situation was, and we would have accepted the car to qualify on Pirellis.
  • We felt that FF corse was not playing by the etic non written rules by letting te pro driver racing Solo for 5 times alleging that the am driver feels unwell. This is allowed but its not the spirit of Britcar that is a pro-am or an am-am championship. racing a pro driver solo is a big advantage. If not we would have not protested it.
  • Few races ago Mike Millard had the same problem and he had to qualify on old tyres.
  • Britcar told no one and we found out when we found the FF Corse Ferrari on Pirelli tires in park ferme.
Result: We were told that a car needs permission if it ONLY DOES ONE ROUND, if not he does not need permission. Logically we take this as a misreading of the rule to justify what happened, treating us like total idiots. Logically the rule says that Dunlop must be used, and that if someone wants to do a round on another make, to test for a different championship, will be allowed by a permission
The fact that this car is fighting for the championship and using unethical tactics makes it worse. Britcar has not played well their role, that is to protect the participants with the rules and spirit, so we felt offended by the situation.